Cooling Off and Chilling Out Photos

Chilled Out Animal Images, photos of animals relaxing and chilling out.

Giraffe photo
Giraffe Splits
Photo of a lion relaxing
Lazy As A Lion
Photo of elephants cooling off
Mud Wrestling Elephants
Photo of an animal having a drink
A Genteel Drink
Photo of an Oryx cooling off
Cool Oryx
Photo of a bird in a swimming pool
Dropping In For A Dip
Photo of a rhino without its horn
Hornless rhino!
Photo of a sleeping lion
Sleeping Simba
Photo of a lion yawning
Life can be tough
Photo of a rhino after a mud bath
Nothing like a mud bath
Picture of a cheetah being hand fed
Hand to mouth service
picture of jackal asleep
Jackal caught napping
Picture of lions caught in headlights
Blocking the road, and we don't care
Photo of two ducks
Worlds smallest duck pond?
Sisters – we three queens
Sisters – we three queens
Double splits
Double splits
Life is such hard work
Life is such hard work
Just can’t seem to get comfortable
Just can’t seem to get comfortable

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